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Who We Are?

     AJ Moyler is a renowned music producer and co-owner of ilearntoplay.net. Born in Norfolk, Virgina, AJ studied in the Governors School for the Arts Classical and Jazz. After graduating with honors, he completed his professional study at Virginia Commonwealth University Classical/Jazz Studies. 

     AJ has performed extensively for over 20 years in churches and other venues as a pianist and bassist.  As a music educator, he tutored the church choir and played a huge role in exploring and developing musical talents in kids.

     He has worked as musical director for recording artists such as Earnest Pugh, and the famous Beyoncés choreographer, Jonte Moaning. AJ also worked with Saunders Music Company for six years as a music producer where he contributes to the extensive catalog of the entertainment company.  Mr. Moyler is passionate about teaching music and giving back to the community.  To this end, he has leveraged the dynamism and professionalism, garnered 

while collaborating with high-profile musicians, and producers to help foster other aspiring music students.
     AJ currently resides in Houston, TX, where his biggest influences are his wife and two kids, whom he holds in high regard.


"I really thought I was too late in life to pick up piano, but AJ's lessons have encouraged me every step of the way​.  I soon plan to start the private lessons with him as well."

-- Richard L.

​"AJ's vast knowledge of music theory allowed my son to quickly pickup on playing bass, to the point where he is already playing for our entire worship service on Sundays.  I am looking forward to th progress that will continue to be made!"

-- Stephen S.

"​Arthur has given our ​daughter piano for the past year.  Using popular songs from people like John Legend and Adele help keep her interest in continuing and perfecting this craft.  I am very proud of her."

-- Tiffany M.

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